THREE CUBED – Three heroes. Three stories. Three dreams.

This project kept us occupied throughout 2018 and 2019.The beneficiaries were three young students from F.D. Roosevelt High School. We let our Facebook fans decide whom we would help first. They chose Denis Žila to be the first beneficiary. Denis is a young man who suffers from CP (cerebral palsy). He dreamt of opening his own café in his high school grounds. We made this dream happen in May 2019 when we opened ŽILA CAFÉ together. We named this project Caffeine for Your Heart.

The next person we helped was young Ester, who is a wheelchair user. She wished to undergo hippotherapy to improve her medical condition. We fulfilled her dream and in addition, we arranged for her a meet and greet with her idol Timmy White at his concert.

The third person we helped was young Melánia. She wished to take singing lessons. We gave her an opportunity to sing together with Ilona Csáková (famous Czech singer) during the anniversary of the opening of the Signature Restaurant.