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How can you help

Would you like to support our association activities and not know how?

Purchase on Givt.cz

You can use Givt.cz and support our activities while shopping online! For selected e-shops and retailers you have the opportunity to contribute to our transparent account during the checkout for your online purchases. Learn more at Givt.cz.

Financial support

You can also contribute to our transparent account directly: 115-3377880267/0100. We appreciate every contribution!

By donation

We also appreciate a material support of any kind. We are more than happy to discuss such one-time contribution to our activities with you and present you our current ongoing projects.

Help personally

In case you wish to support our association personally, we will be more than happy to welcome another individual as passionate as we are for POMÁHÁME.  If interested, let us know and we will be thrilled to discuss the details with you in person.

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