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Non-profit association POMÁHÁME

We organize financial collections, sports and cultural events for children, charity events and provide material assistance.

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About Us

We are a non-profit voluntary association, founded in 2016 with the aim of helping the disadvantaged people in Czech society to become independent, so that they can live a fulfilling, purposeful life. As we want our help to be meaningful, we help the disadvantaged people with their active involvement and cooperation. Our association is a unique non-profit organisation with modern approach, directed by joy, love, and original ideas.

Currently, the organisation has three key members – Marek Chýla, the chairman, Ondřej Smolka, the vice-chairman, and Vlasta Chýlová, the control manager. We do all our activities in free time, simply because we enjoy helping others.

Marek Chýla

Manager in the telecommunications industry
Enthusiastic golfer and football player
Beyond the idea of founding a non-profit association
Warm-hearted person, enthusiast

Ondřej Smolka

Nutrition specialist and mental coach
An enthusiastic hockey player
Chairman’s best friend
Warm-hearted person, enthusiast

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